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Not to confine Science within the Universities walls and breaking these walls down have been a major focus of researchers who intend to communicate their results to a wider public. However, to translate scientific terms and concepts into popular language in order to reach the most diverse segments of society is a challenge that has to be won. This is why we are constantly engaged on extension activities, either planning or participating in other extension proposals.

One of the activities coordinated by the lab during 2018 was the theater project named "Ciência em Cena" (Science on the Stage), which focused on playing scientific stories for kids and teens. Since this public has specific demands, we used puppets for kids and actors/students for teens. 


Cesar Lattes (left) and Bertha Lutz (right) puppets


Graziela Barroso puppet


Bertha Lutz puppet


Team of actors/students who played the role of Pedrinho and the scientists

The script was entirely produced by the lab members. We decided to make a play on a regular student (Pedrinho) who hated Science as he did not know what was the use of it. When denying Science for three consecutive times, notorious and well-known Brazilian researchers from different areas were called and started to explain him how important and fun Science could be. When not represented by puppets, these researchers were played by a select team of students who gave life to these scientific personalities (Cesar Lattes - physicist; Graziela Barroso - botanist; Bertha Lutz - herpetologist; Paula Couto - paleontologist). 


Actors/students at the end of a play with puppets in a public school (Santo André)

Actors/students at the stage in a public event promoted by UFABC

Other collaborations initiatives: we also cooperate with other extension projects.

- Antártica ou Antártida? Formação de um pesquisador

- Equipe de pesquisa paleontológica na Antártica

- Paleontologia na Antártica

E-midia produced for the course "Antártica ou Antártida"(UFABC) to present the Antarctic continent to students in the classroom.

- Universidade das crianças - Dinossauros 

E-midia produced to Universidade das crianças to spread Science among children. In this program I had a nice talk to a class of about 10 kids discussing about dinosaurs and their relatives.

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