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LAPC Collection


Our field trips have constantly provided material that form the LAPC collection. After being properly prepared by our staff, this material is mostly accessed for specimen-based student research (scientific collection). Teaching collections of paleobotanical and vertebrate specimens have supported didactic activities of students taking annual classes on Geology and Paleontology. 


Thus this material is available for hands-on student research and learning activities and comprise specimens from the Permian of Irati Formation (Paraná Basin), Cretaceous sandstones of Alfredo Marcondes, Itapecuru Formation (Maranhão), Crato and Romualdo Formations (Araripe Basin), Santa Marta and Snow Hill Island Formations (James Ross Island, Antarctica), and from the Oligocene of the Tremembé Formation (Taubaté Basin). 


LAPC sample of a Mesosauridae specimen, Irati Formation. Scale bar:  5 cm.

LAPC sample of a dinosaur (Sauropoda) specimen, Alfredo Marcondes. Scale bar:  5 cm.


LAPC sample of an invertebrate (Mollusk) specimen, Itapecuru Formation. Scale bar:  5 cm.


LAPC sample of a plant (trunk) specimen, Tremembé Formation. Scale bar:  5 cm.

The lab is inserted in a bigger multidisciplinary research lab equipped with stereomicroscopes, digital microscope, fume hood and multiple work benches, with the facilities of counting with the experimental support of a Multiuser centre lab where MEV (FEI Quanta 250), Fluorescence optical microscopy (Zeiss Axio Imager A2) and rotary microtome (Leica RM 2255) to produce histological sections of samples and zoom them in micro details. Specimens are mechanically prepared before being submitted to any kind of analyses or equipments, which is provided by our staff and students. Library journal collections and departmental computing facilities is also available for student research in Paleontology. Collection can also be accessed by foreign researches by contacting the lead lab/curator.

Lead lab/curator: Fabiana Costa


Members of LAPC working on fossil samples

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